Healthy Magazine cover

It is always a thrill to be asked to shoot a magazine cover, and this commission for Healthy magazine was no different.

The feature brings together three of the top wellness bloggers to talk food and nutrition, health, fitness, and beauty. The three fabulous cover stars are: Natasha Corrett (@honestlyhealthy), Zanna van Dijk (@zannavandijk) and Carly Rowena (@carlyrowena).

Festive styling by Sally-Anne Argyle.

Women's Health Live Fearless Feature

I was thrilled to be asked to shoot this story for the June 2016 issue of Women's Health. The brief was to photograph portraits of four fearless adventurers, shot in a studio on a clean background. The shots would then be passed to an illustrator (the super talented Malina Omut) to add artwork alluding to each of their adventurous pursuits. 

I absolutely love the outcome of the final images, and it goes to show that collaboration really can enhance the sum of the parts. Taking a simple enough shot (shown below) to something far more interesting.

Our adventurous subjects were the wonderful and inspiring Laura Kennington, Anna McNuff, Bonita Norris and Sophie Radcliffe